Poultry ERP

Smart way to manage your farms

Quitesoft is a modern cloud-based farming application that offers comprehensive features to help you grow your farm business.


360-Degree Services

Quitesoft is an innovative business developing company in India leading a new and easy way to grow your business online. Our Solution gives the possibility to improve operation efficiency, reduces overall cost and gives better decision making reports.


Contract Farming

Contract Farming (Integration) is the web application module specially designed to enhance broiler management as well as increase profitability.


Feed Mill Management

Feed Mill Management System helps companies to monitor and control their production activities. Poultry production and may account for 70-80 percent of total production cost.


Breeder Management

Breeder Management provides accurate livestock valuation. Using this module of PoultryERP, company can identify batch-wise profit & loss statements and accurate balance sheet.


Hatchery Management

Hatchery Management System calculates party-wise performance, hatch details, product cost, etc. Owners can view accurate balance sheet and profit & loss statements.


Layer Management

Layer Management is the poultry web application designed for those who wants to get high production from poultry layer batch. It monitors & records all the transactions.


Trading Management

Trading Management System keep track of all bird purchase and sale records transaction wise, also it maintain vehicle and godown wise bird stock. It has reports on a single click.

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